An adorable, little gnome


Leaving the parking lot to go to lunch with my coworkers today, we were almost hit by this car inexplicably driving through the parking lot backwards. There was a moment of, “Surely he’ll stop—OH GOD HE’S NOT STOPPING GUN IT.” So that was fun.

And in the aftermath I realized my hands were stinging, because my response to immediate danger had been to clap my hands together very loudly.

Because that’s what I do when I want my cats to stop doing something.

For the record, it is less effective against cars.

#this is how i die #indirectly killed by my cats #i always knew i would go this way



“I’m here because this has gone just far enough and what I need you to do now is pick up that phone and withdraw the complaint.”
“And if I refuse? What if somebody actually stood up to you and refused?”

We will avenge you! [x]

One last thing about my sister-in-law:

I got my period today, and I was complaining about cramps and pain and she was listening to me and being all supportive sister and wonderful person she is, and then suddenly shot up off the couch ran to the bathroom and vomited her brains out (she’s pregnant and has all-day-sickness.) And I sat there re-thinking every complaint I’d just voiced and feeling like an idiot until she finished and came back out like whatever no big and asked for me to finish what I was saying and I just lowered my head and said I was fine. I’m a baby, and she’s a freakin LADY.

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When we walk into the sun
or burn below for what we’ve done.
Will you still call out for me?
Turn to light or fade to black
you don’t look back, no you don’t look back
at what you might not wanna see.

But save part of yourself for me
Won’t you save part of yourself for me

'Save Part of Yourself' by the incomparable Brandi Carlile