An adorable, little gnome
You wanna get that woman booty?


Ew no get it away.

You look like 2 years ago justin bieber.

Yes indeed thank you all my dreams came true today.

Now to find a girl as pretty as Selena Gomez and I will want for nothing more.

What is the crackest of crackships that you ship?

Oh man too many. I suppose, of what I’ve drawn, the crackiest is Lilo/Jane, considering they’re from completely different movies. Though pretty much anything from my childhood books/movies is super duper cracky. Whenever I re-watch stuff I’m like ‘Oh no’ here’s a fun list to give you an idea:

  • Harriet/Janie ‘Harriet the Spy’
  • Becky/Debbie ‘Little Giants’
  • Roberta/Teeny ‘Now & Then’
  • Danielle/Jacqueline ‘Ever After’
  • Bette Midler/Goldie Hawn/Diane Keaton ‘First Wives Club’

I didn’t choose the shipper life. Shipper life chose me.

Is there moments in watching Xena, where your just like "Fuck, I wanna go to New Zealand"?

I have these moments without Xena, but with Xena too. New Zealand looks like a beautiful place!

Top 5 favorite pizza toppings?
  1. Cheese (it is a topping okay!! It is a topping especially if you use more than one kind of cheese!)
  2. Onion steak
  3. Pineapple
  4. Peppers
  5. Pepperoni
I must ask. Where do you obtain all your gifs. Their always so varied, and I was wondering if you mad them or i there a massive gif. board where you just search?

I have four main sources:

  1. Tumblr. I follow A LOT of blogs that post A LOT of stuff from all kinds of media, and when I see a gif or macro that strikes my fancy, I save it in a folder! I also have a naming system that helps me find what I want easily. I can conveniently use them as a photo reply or upload them to some image hosting site to embed into a post.
  2. I follow several reaction tumblrs that are just tumblrs of gifs and reaction images. One of my favorites to use is It’s got a large amount of gifs and a well-organized tag system that makes it easy to find almost anything.
  3. I also just use google image a lot. Nothing I have fits? I just google the emotion I’m feeling or words I’m thinking and add the word gif and sometimes you can find some brilliant things!
  4. And finally, yes, I also make a lot of my own gifs. I watch a lot of shows and movies and videos and when I see a moment or an expression I just snag that right up!

There is no wrong way to find or use gifs. I save a lot because I use a lot. I am an extremely visual person and gifs often express what I feel or think better than words, so my gif hunting knows no bounds. Many a friend can attest to how often I even use gifs even while chatting to express something, or share a very interesting gif I just found. I’m just very into it!

And now I leave you with the most recent gif I made and bid you good luck and good gif hunting!

Who is your favorite person from avatar? And who is your favorite to draw? And stuck on an island with who?

Since you weren’t specific, I’ll answer all of these for each series! Yay! Fun! :D

The Last Airbender:

  • Favorite person: Aauaugh, this one’s so hard because I like a LOT of characters in this show. Toph was a favorite from the moment she came on the show, but I found myself just falling in love with Suki a lot as the show went on. Avatar Kyoshi is also my forever girl.
  • Favorite to draw: I sadly haven’t drawn many characters other than Toph and Katara, so those two are a good fave. I love Katara especially. Her loopies give me a hard time. XD
  • Stuck on an island with: Kyoshi. She made that island for our honeymoon, of course!

Legend of Korra:

  • Favorite person: Wow, I sat here for a while. This one was a toughie, because I wanna be like “this character, minus this really annoying part about them.” Like, Asami, minus everything to do with Mako. Lin, minus her lovelorn-ness for Tenzin. Hahaha! Basically everyone minus the shipping? XD
  • Favorite to draw: Lin and her armor are the most fun to draw! Her hair is a challenge when in profile. Like Toph’s, my thought process is “How does it do that??”
  • Stuck on an island with: Bolin. He’d keep me warm. ;)

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You are so cool

I assure you I am the most uncool of uncool. But thank you. :3

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