An adorable, little gnome

From Reefer Madness the Musical.

Sassy Joan of Ark is best Joan of Ark. 

Snow White :: Pyro Supreme

Why Snow is still the best.

Can you show your three current favourite gifs instead of me asking three questions?

Gifs are like my children. I have a lot of faves, okay? But here are 3 awesome ones I have yet to find a use for.





I really wish i had this advice ten years ago, could have saved so much time avoiding toxic “friends” and parasites. 

A:TLA Book 2 - Mai

Mai rhymes with babe



Awhhhyeee thanks @viamikeho for the .gifs! You can watch the video here!

oh wow

wow wow wow

I’m just gonna…

take this…

somewhere private

#hello bonertown #yes yes good #good now you kiss that girl #you kiss her right on her junk

Liz, everbody.