An adorable, little gnome
Loki, Phil, Clint
Something I thought was true, that actually wasn’t true / A time someone lied to me
I used to think I was straight. That one was a shocker to realize at first, but now I think it was pretty obvious. XD
Someone I secretly “fangirl” over
As in someone not famous that I would obviously fangirl over? This is hard because all my fangirlings are openly on display on this tumblr. Secret fangirling: Liz, Ingrid, my best friend Sami’s cooking, old 90’s kids’ movies that I know are bad but I love immensely anyways, Gail Carson Levine (she changed my life,) KStew (This one’s recent. DON’T TELL ANYONE!)
A time I felt used
Probably during my undergrad, when I helped a senior director write and produce his senior film. We made an amazing, award-winning short film and I thought we were going to work together forever, but he turned out to be more idea-selfish than I’d realized. It seemed like he was willing to work with me on his ideas but not on mine; mine he wanted to change to fit his views. The relationship deteriorated and now we don’t talk.