An adorable, little gnome
What I have to deal with
Mag: *is a ball of insecurities
June: /dribbles and scores
Mag: >:o
June: \o/ ayy
Mag: I will focus on happier things: I am getting my hair cut today and I've decided to get some McD's after!
Zoi: Hey! I got my hair cut today too, and I was thinking about walking to McD's for lunch! XD
Mag: Hahahahaha!!!!
Mag: Ok that's amazing.
Zoi: We are in sync.
Mag: Are you on your period too?
Zoi: Yep!
Zoi: I'm not! XD
Zoi: Not a bit!
Mag: Holy shit
Me: *listening to the Frozen soundtrack, then I hear it echo from somewhere else in the apt*
Me: Wait, are we both listening to the Frozen soundtrack right now?
Ray: That's right. This is happening.
My 4-year-old niece talking about her third day in pre-school
Niece: Today was the worst day!
Me: What happened? Did you fall? Did you hurt yourself?
Niece: Worse! I had an incomplete!!
Mag: So SnK fans started fancasting SnK today. I have never seen so many white people and one Asian girl since Pacific Rim.
Zoi: The fancasting is terrible, but that burn was delicious.
Having a good conversation on queer matters with my brother
Brother: Man, this is so complicated!
Me: Well if you poked your head out of your conservative hole every once in a while, you could learn something.
Brother: Is that what you call my ass?
Brother: *after turning the lights off* Do you think I could solve this Rubik's Cube in the dark?
Me: Probably not. You can't see the colors.
Brother: I can see some colors.
Brother: Oh man this is actually kinda hard.
Brother: Yeah, not happening. Goodnight.
Me: Night.
Brother: *falls asleep a minute after*
Zoi: So I don't really understand Annie/Mikasa, but I really want to. I love Mikasa's character, and I think Annie would be interesting if I spent more time examining her.
Mag: I can understand that, I think Annie/Mikasa is hard for me to explain, it's more like I just feel it
Mag: So you know, you're not the only one that has come to me being like I don't get Annie/Mikasa, so it's not just you
Zoi: I feel I should clarify that I don't mean I don't like them. Just that I couldn't write a fic about them, for example, because I wouldn't know where to start.
Mag: I think it comes with time and just sitting and thinking about their dynamic. I admit, they have less interactions on the show, I mean Annie/Armin has more of a base than A/M, but it's like, their personalities, I would like to see them collide. As well as their lips. And their everything else.
Zoi: I am still mostly Team Mysteries, but I also want Christa to punch Ymir in the face. Which counts as shipping for those two, right?
Mag: Oh yeah that's mostly what shipping them means.
A shipper's existential crisis
Mag: Why must I ship the not-as-popular ships, Zoi? Why does this happen? Why every time? In HS everyone was like "Kanaya/Rose train let's do this!" and immediately I was just all about Rose/Jade and now it's like "Ymir/Christa what beautiful lesbians" while I'm glancing at the Annie/Mikasa corner like I want those cookies not these. Why can't I just get on a wagon and stay on it? Why must I chase unicorn ships?
Zoi: Its the thrill of the chase.