An adorable, little gnome
You're interesting, talented, and beautiful *contains fangirl squeal*

Ugh you’re too nice anon I’m so

Did you have an invisible friend as a child? If so what was their name, if not what would you of named them? What is or would have been your grandest adventure with this invisible friend?

I didn’t have an invisible friend, no. I think one time I pretended to, cause I saw kids in movies that had them, but like after an hour of pretending I’d just forget. Probably would’ve named them after a Power Ranger or something. As for adventures, something with giant robots or crossdressing. I was very much into crossdressing as a kid. XD

Faking an ask to write and say, this made my night. You are a cute human being. Thanks for making this! X and G forever! I hope you found good fanfic. And I totally wish we were friends!

Awww, well thanks! I’m glad that you like my Xena stuff. I have read a couple of good ones yeah, thanks! And I’m sure we could be friends! :)

Which show is the time after time scene :O?? Do you recomend it?

It’s from Parks and Recreation and I wholeheartedly recommend it!!

So... thoughts on Frozen becoming part of Once Upon A Time next season? And it's obviously not The Snow Queen but Frozen which I can tell you personally frustrates the hell out of me.

All I can say is not surprised but also so very


The bits of what we saw of the actress were good (like the dress and THANK GOD they didn’t try to really do her hair) but it seemed like they had a very minor understanding of Elsa? Like, I know we all love Let it Go, but that sexy walk at the end of it is the most OOC Elsa moment in that whole movie and for that to be the only thing they use in the Elsa preview? I mean even had that teaser been spot on characterization, we all know we can’t trust anything OUAT will do with her or anyone else.

I did laugh at the thought, though, that the worst, OOC Elsa fanfic will still be better than whatever bullshit OUAT comes up with for her. That’s at least… somewhat entertaining? \o.O/

I miss your Once Upon A Time posts. Did you stop watching it?

Awww, sorry Anon. I did stop watching OUAT about two Sundays ago. It’s a hard habit to break, but it was just too much with Zelene there (even if some of the gif sets I’ve seen have been pretty hella Swan Queen and it’s been hard not to run back to it -_-)

I have been absurd levels of busy the past few days and haven't seen this week's once upon a time, any chance you'd be willing to spoil it? I've been on the fence myself, and I'd really appreciate knowing what they're messing up before I spend another hour making What the Hell gestures at my television. (I don't mind if you'd rather not, please feel free to ignore this)

Haha, sure, Anon. Sorry, this got long. (under the cut for spoilers.)

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Anna isn't fat

Not with that attitude, she isn’t! So from now on, for every ask I get like this I’m gonna draw a fat Anna. Have a dancing fat Anna just for you, Anon!

You may or may not get asked about fics all the time, but do you read Anna Summers, PA? It's a Frozen office AU which is a kind of fic I'd normally avoid like the plague, but the fluff is just killing me. I cannot stop myself. I have to spread the fluff.

Thanks, Anon! I hadn’t heard of that one. I’ll check it out!

Do you play the Professor Layton games? The newest one just came out in the US, and in the first hour of playing I already ran in to a new yuri ship :3 Prima & Donna (Prima is so adorable holy cow)

I have never played that game but that sounds freaking adorable, Anon!