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'birthday request party 2014' are we allowed to request things still or is this something between you and your friends?

This was actually a thing that started out on Monday, on my actual birthday! I did it to celebrate a few things, and I was going to keep it just to requests I could do that day, but I got so many and so many were so fun and I was doing it for my followers, so I decided to extend it a little and keep doing what I could. I haven’t even reached half the requests I got, and I don’t think I will (I may only do one or two more. Or maybe none more, I’m a little burnt out, to be honest. We shall see!)

But, yeah, requests are closed, I’m only working off of requests I got on Monday (which is a looooot lemme tell you.)

If you had to live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would you go?

I actually love where I live now, so I wouldn’t mind staying here forever. :3

I know you didn't like r9k elsa is suffering, but you may appreciate some of the art coming out for the tag "anna selfie", which *spoilers* is a part of the story when anna accidentally texts a sexy pic to elsa instead of kristoff

Haha, thanks, Anon. There has been some great art coming out of r9kElsa fans, I’ll give it that.

Wow, I thought I was the only one who didn't like R9kElsa or Frozen Fractals. Couldn't get over the swearing and the OOC-ness of it and both had too much angst for the sake of angst. I'm quite baffled about why they are so popular. Nice to know there are others out there :D

You are not alone, Anon! Never alone. It is a puzzling phenomenon indeed.

Like, for me, it’s not to say that they’re necessarily bad fics, I suppose. They’re fine, and obviously the stories on their own captivate people, but I wonder what specifically about these stories captivates the Elsanna fandom so much. Like if they were just a story somewhere, I would probably still not read them, they’re still not my kind of thing, but it’d be fine, I suppose. It’s the inclusion of Elsanna, and the pervasiveness of their presence in the Elsanna fandom (to the point of even influencing other works as if this is what Elsanna is when it so is not) that absolutely baffles me.

Either way they will like what they like and we will like what we like (or don’t like, as is the case.) Let us not focus on this any longer and instead focus our forces into adding to the Elsanna fandom what we wish to see! :D

What houses do you think Anna and Elsa would be? I'm thinking Anna is definitely Hufflepuff, but keep going back and forth on Elsa's.

Anna without a doubt is a Hufflepuff, no questions, no alternatives will be accepted.

Elsa I can see a few possibilities, though none of those are ever Slytherin. I go back and forth a bit between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but I lean a bit more Ravenclaw, I think. I think she may have had a sorting hat situation like Harry where the hat was like “You could be good here, or here” and Elsa perhaps preferred Ravenclaw. I think that’s a house she would pick.

Anna’s is more a Draco situation where the hat yells out “HUFFLEPUFF!” before it’s even settled on her head. XD

That said, the idea of both of them being Huffs is a lovely third option for me (as in it’s not my preference but I can accept it,) as both of their stories deal a lot with love and affection and all that, Anna giving it freely and Elsa wanting it but having to learn it (so for her it’s more she has the potential to be a Huff but needs to learn to get there,) etc.

But, yeah, mostly, for me, Anna is Hufflepuff and Elsa is Ravenclaw.

for the ask meme: attack on titan

Hahaha, well, I don’t hate Attack on Titan, but I have felt a little feet-draggy at reading the latest updates.

Anyway, what I like about AoT is just the super creepy, pretty original idea of the Titans. Like I remember seeing a gif long before I knew what it was of this Titan running around and just being FREAKED OUT. I mean who comes up with that? Giant, junkless, people-looking, human-eating, monsters. It’s pretty amazing. Who thinks that would sell? But apparently it sells really well!

I also liked the moment when Eren gets eaten. That was really freaky and unexpected. Yes he comes back, but for a moment I had this feeling of the protagonist is dead whaaaats GONNA HAPPEN?? That was a pretty great feeling.

Also ladies and Ymir/Christa.

Also the end credits are the prettiest ever.

Ma'am, I'm going to have to verify your credentials *pulls out live bat*

*cuddles bat*

When I read r9kElsa, I was somehow able to see the characters from the movie in the fic. Instead of Elsa's ice powers, she becomes a nerd and social outcast and her parents don't want her 'hurting' Anna with that stuff so she holes up in her room and keeps Anna distant. The rest was pretty typical yuri/nerd manga trope stuff, although they skip the "but we're both girls" part in favor of the "we're sisters" part (imo same-sex incest doesn't result in a child so there's nothing that taboo to it.)

Thanks for the explanation. Clearly people like it and can see something from the movie in the situations and characters. For me, not so much, and the different characterizations really put me off from reading it.

Oh I was jesting, certainly. I enjoy your blog and I think you're wonderful and perfect and have about a million other good qualities. I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now as I can sort of relate. I was actually just kind of trying to make you laugh or something and I guess it fell on deaf ears. I hope things improve for you.

Oh hey Anon! Thanks for the very kind message. Everything’s totally fine, your message did make me smile, I just sometimes overly worry about tone and such things. Everything’s good!

Sorry to hear you’re also having a hard time. I hope everything gets better soon. We must both prevail!

Ha haaa went to edit an anon ask I just published and accidentally deleted it.

Anon, not sure if your ask was in jest or if I really did annoy you, but I hope you have a great day/night apart from that! Take a break from my blog and go look at stuff you love and feel better soon! Have a good one, buddy!