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Hey Mag, do you know any Korra fanart blogs you'd recommend?

Hey Anon!

I don’t know of any fanart blogs, or any that come off the top of my head. You could probably find most of the artists/blogs I follow in my Legend of Korra tag (here). Those would probably be my favorite! :)

Hope you find something good!

You are 25 metres tall, with bright orange eyes and pink hair, and you enjoy snacking on ice cream trucks.

False. But close though. ;)

sansa anon from earlier, i understand better now. the way it reads on tumblr is that people are worshipping her as a political god who has known what shes doing from the beginning, but in actuality shes just been doing her best to stay afloat, and slowly but surely learning to swim. it does kind of make me mad that all the other starks are thrown under the bus though. one of those post links just handwaved arya as a 'killer kid' like she hasnt survived her own massive heap of horrible shit

Yeah, I definitely disagree with the throwing the other Starks under the bus. I’m not trying to disregard it or explain it away, but so often when you hear people speak out against Sansa, they bring up Arya as an example of a character who is strong. I think that can make people unreasonably defensive when trying to defend Sansa’s strength.

The truth is both are strong and have gone through a lot in very different ways.

would you say most of what makes you like sansa stark happens in the third season and onward? i stopped watching got after season 2 because all the characters i liked were dead or leaving except for arya, and sansa just seemed like a sniveling wimp that just happened to live through some events where the only thing keeping her from dying was plot armor

No, pretty much everything about Sansa Stark makes me like her, from the first season on (though she does go through a big change near the end of season 4 that was a bit sudden, I felt, though still true to where her character was leading.)

I sat here for far too long trying to summarize my feelings and doing so unsuccessfully so I will instead direct you to people who said it far better than I could.

Greetings, you amazing person you. Do you know how wonderful you make us all feel by just being yourself? Please continue to do so in the future, and I hope that everything comes to you as you dream.


You have been chosen as the savior of the universe, the last thing you used is your weapon. The last food you ate is to be the only thing on your ship. And your first and latest crushes are your teammates... god speed.

Okay! My weapon is a toilet (I’m fucked,) the only thing on my ship is oatmeal (dammit!) but I am surrounded by a sea of beautiful women (real and fictional, with like maybe a couple of cute guys in the back) so not too bad overall! :D

sooo who's your waifu?


I followed you because I saw your PazKat drawing while looking through the GC tag! I'm glad I did! :)

I should draw more PazKat, I’ve been thinking about them recently. (Glad you stayed for everything else too!)

Oh my goodness, Mag. You are so pretty. <3

Gee, thanks!